Featured Artist: Katherine Mariaca

October 15, 2016

Katherine Mariaca In A Snippet

Katherine Mariaca-Sullivan is both an author and an artist. On any given day, you’re likely to find her painting or perhaps illustrating a book or writing a book.

Multifaceted and tremendously talented – Katherine doubles as a published author, editor publisher and professional artist with works sold around the world.


“When I was a young girl, my big sister tried to convince me to color within the lines. For some reason, that never sat well with me, and I have been coloring outside of the lines ever since. If you were to ask me a number of times what I do for a living, my answer would vary. If it helps, I'll tell you that I am an author, an artist, a photographer, and a publisher. You see, I am equally in love with words as I am images.

On any given day, I may write a few chapters of a novel, proof-read another author's work, paint a canvas, take a hundred photos, carve a wood block, design a book cover, and/or write a poem. The common thread to my work, then, is that I tell stories. I hope you find the stories told here memorable and inviting.” Check out the our store to shop Katherine’s products.