Kitchen DIY: A (back) Splash of Moroccan

October 25, 2016

Kitchen DIY: A (back) Splash of Moroccan

Moroccan patterns are back and so are backsplashes. Our love affair with the two brought us to our top picks of most impressive kitchen designs we’ve seen all year.

Let’s start with this vintage washed out encaustic tiled backslash from we found at Walker Zanger. Contrary to what you might be thinking, it actually doesn’t have to cost a half-year’s salary to make this kind of kitchen upgrade. With a little creativity and the right resources, you can DIY.

Where To Find Vintage Moroccan Tiles For Your Backsplash?

To start, encaustic tiles seem to be popular options and you can find them in places like:

Fireclay Tile is also a great resource for recycled tiles too. And depending on your budget and how creative you want to be, Fireclay Tile has some awesome vintage finds for cheap.

How To Install A Backsplash – The DIY Way

Installing a backsplash is not as difficult as you may think. The secret to doing it right is to measure first, cut last. And when it comes to mortaring and installation, this article from DIY Network has it all covered, complete with diagrams and lists for materials and tools.

Adding The Final Touches – Kitchen Decor

After you’ve installed your backsplash (whether it’s professionally installed or DIY), it’s time for the fun part - selecting the kitchen decor. Just know that the a Moroccan-style backsplash will be the central eye-candy feature i n your kitchen. For this reason, you’ll want to keep your decor accouterments subtle so that your beautiful backsplash doesn’t clash with other overpowering colors in your kitchen.

Our suggestion? Keep your decor, cookware and tableware on the neutral side, while letting naturally vibrant colors (think plants and ornamental fruit) do the color complimenting. For a little extra flair, consider updating your tea towel collection.

Here’s some of our top picks this season: