Holiday Decor Hacks with Boho Palms & Florals

November 01, 2020

Holiday Decor Hacks with Boho Palms & Florals

It's time to open the door to new home decor possibilities, especially as we begin to migrate inside for the winter months. As we gear up for the holiday season, we have some simple decorating hacks that can help  it's easy to overdo it with the holiday decor. And while there's nothing wrong with adorning your home a festive look—it always looks better in moderation. 

Bohemian palm leaves for the holidays (up north)

During the winter months—especially the holidays—the last thing many of us (especially northerners) are thinking about are palms and florals. But remember: lush, vibrant colors and prints energize us. They also keep things looking fresh. And when paired with holiday decor, they can also help offset the stuffy factor that tends to take over this time of year.

Bohemian palm leaves for the holidays (down south)

If you're located below the Mason-Dixon line, especially in the coastal regions—then palm trees are a staple print any time of year, including the holidays. That's because lush, dark palm leaves on white pair well with Christmas greens and reds. It also appropriately nods to the region, while adding a holiday vibe that breathes easier.

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