Featured Artist: Brandi Light

October 15, 2016

Featured Artist: Brandi Light

Brandi Light In A Snippet

Brandi Light's passion and talent for art all started early on. In grade school, she was the kid who couldn't wait for art class. Doodling in every last square white space in the margins of notebooks throughout school - just became a way of life. Fast forward to today, and Brandi Light, AKA - the Daily Doodler - is one of our rock-star creatives. By day Brandi is a part-time hair stylist, full-time mom and wife. By night (metaphorically speaking) she's a prolific artist. "My true passion is for all things creative, and my kids are amazing little people who love to be creative with me", states Brandi. "Sharpie art seems to bring together all of my past obsessions: drawing, painting, shading, scrapbooking, photography to name a few."

Foot Notes

"I consider what I do as glorified doodling. And that is why I am The Daily Doodler :)" - Brandi Light

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